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The Smallest Keyring 2in1 charging cable in the World

2in1 universal keyring cable

Lightning + Micro-USB compatible

Multi-directional Lightning connector

Charging + Data transfer

  • Swiss Design & Engineering

    Smartphones are improving every year, but low battery is still a common issue.
    inCharge magnetically snaps onto your keychain, so it’s never left behind.
    Being there over 5 billion USB ports around the world, inCharge makes low battery problems a thing of the past.

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  • Why companies are choosing us.

    Today, the problem with the promotional products industry is that it’s flooded with variations of the same gadgets.
    Therefore, prospective clients end up with tens of USB keys, pens, cheap power banks and so on.
    It’s very hard for a brand to pop in such a mix of useless products.

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  • Be different.

    inCharge is so innovative and useful, that it will immediately make a positive impression for your company.
    In the long term, the prospective clients are much more likely to actually use it and carry it around, since there aren’t any alternatives that serve the same purpose, contributing further to your company’s image.

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  • build


    The most important aspect of a giveaway, is also our main focus.

  • grade


    We source the highest quality components from trusted suppliers.

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    Eco friendly

    We reduce waste by using recyclable materials for the cable as well as the packaging.

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    When closed, inCharge is just 1.5 inches long, making it the smallest keyring cable in the world.

  • magnet


    inCharge features a unique magnet system. Strong N52 magnets will snap safely onto your keyring.

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    Highly customisable

    Choose connector, cable color, plastics color, packaging and print your logo.

Endless customisation.

Change every aspect of your inCharge to reflect your corporate identity on a deep level.

  • Packaging
  • Custom packaging

    Choose among our eco-friendly packaging options or tell us what you have in mind. We'll take care of the design.

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Our clients

Many big corporations have chosen inCharge to represent their brand.

  • Boston Consulting Group
  • Coesia
  • Mercedes
  • Siemens
  • Crowne Plaza
  • Swisslog

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    Chiasso. Switzerland.

    Pakistan Office

    Islamabad. Pakistan.

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    +92 51 8733115

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